Agile and DevOps Coaching

We provide end to end agile advisory and transformation services. Our service areas include Software Development, Project Management, and Services Management. 

Scope of our Agile Transformation Services:

  • Agile Transformation Strategy
  • Agile Readiness and Maturity assessment
  • Agile Tools assessment
  • Agile Project Delivery
  • Agile Program Management
  • Agile CoE and PMO
  • Agile training

DevOps – is a set of practices accentuating the collaboration and communication between the software development and operation’s team, whilst automating the process of software delivery through structured processes and collaboration.

Do Biz’s robust DevOps platform leverages various software product delivery methodologies to delivers products with smaller and faster changes, bug-free and of high fidelity. You could leverage one or more of our services including consultation, readiness assessment, pilot framework, tool stack construction, and platform integration. With Do Biz as your DevOps partner, you can go-to-market faster, increase team productivity and efficiency, identify defects in early stages and develop highly stable and secure products.


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