I C T Consultancy and Resourcing

The need to harness the potential of ICT and derive tangible business value from it has never been greater. We support our clients in designing and implementing a true value-generating business-ICT strategy.

Organizations in both the public and private sector are increasingly aware that, when used right, ICT-driven business change can be an engine of competitive advantage and customer and citizen satisfaction.

A resourcing strategy identifies future staffing needs and works out how to meet those needs: by external recruitment or developing existing employees; working with the whole organization to understand its current and future needs, addressing resourcing not only in terms of filling vacancies but also the wider needs and expectations of candidates.

A strong and accurate proposition will help you attract the right people to your business.Build a selection process and method for assessing candidates that reflects and effectively tests the skills applicants will need to be a success in the role. Don’t just rely on an interview which can be subjective – build a recruitment assessment process that tests on the job aptitude through practical assessments, numerical, verbal and psychometric assessments and use referencing from previous roles.

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