Digital Marketing

What is digital marketing?

Email marketing includes sending email campaigns to existing and potential customers, bulk emails, newsletters and mass emails. These emails usually include information about your current products and any offers that the brand maybe offering its customers from time to time. Most individuals get so much spam and promotional email that they don’t read emailers unless the content seems very promising.

Why you need digital marketing?

Email marketing when done right can turn into a reliable business stream. There are examples of many businesses that have done this successfully purely on the basis of valuable content. Also, your customers need to be reminded of you on a regular basis in the least intrusive manner. Email is the best way to accomplish that. Unlike a phone call, it does not interrupt the customer since the customer is reading his emails on his time. Also, after looking at the subject line, it’s up to the customer to open the email or not and respond to its content.

What we offer?

  • Bulk Email service
  • Content generation
  • Email marketing analytics
  • Email design

Why you should work with us?

  • We can offer you assured delivery. We have a suite of clean IPs, delivery experts and a host of delivery features.
  • We have scalable infrastructure including custom built systems for the cloud and a data center
  • We can offer you real-time, customizable analytics. These reports can give you detailed information on which customers opened which emails, how much time they spent on it, what they clicked on, what device they’re using and which which type of customers are giving you the most responses.
  • We have a large team of experts who will be available 24*7 to respond to any queries you have

We have customized packages for all types of businesses. So whether you’re a small business or an MNC, we have a suitable plan for you.

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